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I'm Tyler, Owner of 1967designs. My history in live production stretches back over a decade, with a background including audio, video, lighting, and fabrication training. My unique skillset allows me to grasp the heart of an event, and make smart production decisions to help enhance the overall experience without sacrificing the heart of the content.

Who We Are

Fed up with the typical interaction with production companies? Dissatisfied with lame concerts, shoddy work, and boring church experiences? So are we, and in 2015 we founded 1967designs to change the way Pro AVL works. We have a strong focus on client and guest interaction, using the tools at our disposal to enhance your content and lower your stress load throughout the project.

What We Do

1967designs is committed to providing high quality production elements to clients seeking an engaging and honest communication of their message and brand. Born from a desire to craft incredible experiences for guests, our drive pushes us to go the extra mile to take things from good to great.

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